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About Me

Welcome to my blog! I’m Charie Mathews or better known as CMathews. I personally want to thank you for stopping by. Since you’re here stay for a while sit back and enjoy numerous poems and quotes.  I started writing at a young age after reading Maya Angelou’s poems. (Rest In Peace) Her poems are elegantly beautiful with a powerful impact. Maya Angelou continued to inspire me in her countless struggles which lead to her ultimate success.  Over the years my writing style changed, maturing with age. My poetry grew powerful and passionate which lead to creating my own quotes. My poetry and quotes are motivational, inspiring, raw, and opinionated. Writing how I feel in the moment, whether I’m happy, sad, or content. My perfect getaway would be anywhere with paper, pen, and music. On that note, enter my mind, see my thoughts, and feel my emotions.

Ps. A little token to take with you on your life journey “Fear can be conquered, Conquering can’t be feared” -CMathews